Woman stunned after spotting Keith Richards in limescale on her work’s kettle

A woman was left shocked after spotting Keith Richards in limescale on her workplace’s kettle.

Charlotte Osgood went to make a cup of tea when she noticed a familiar looking face in the spout.

On inspection, it was a limescale outline which had an uncanny resemblance to the 79-year-old rocker – whose hits have included You Can’t Always Get What You Want.

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It had Keef’s characteristic bandana and shaggy hair.

The marking also has a detailed outline of his eyes, nose, mouth and wrinkles.

Charlotte, of Portsmouth said: “Had a visitor in the kettle at work today.”

Other rock fans spotted the resemblance, with Joe Havens saying: “Keith Richards with a bandana on.”

Nicki Lynn said: “Holy cr*p. That can’t be real. That’s a whole damn portrait.”

Franki Roman added: "Wow," while Lisa Smith said: "Wow that look almost perfect."

And Ruby Heather commented: "That's so clear."

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