Why Computer Monitoring Software Is Essential for Workplace Safety

Side view of data analyst pointing with finger at charts on computer monitor while testing

Automation and the online connection of today’s workplace have improved the quality of business immensely, but it has also exposed modern businesses to new dangers. Safety has become the main priority of many companies, and it’s of crucial importance to do everything in order to protect your company from these new dangers. 

People sometimes think that monitoring at the workplace is immoral and unnecessary, and not without a reason. A lot of employers take monitoring as an excuse to spy and exploit their workers. However, if used properly, computer monitoring software can help to build trust between an employer and their employees.

Besides the obvious advantages, such as an increase in productivity and learning capacity, computer monitoring software is also essential for workplace safety in many ways. 

Protection From Hackers

Hacker attacks are unfortunately still a reality in 2021. Regardless of how innovative our defense technology gets, the hackers always follow up. In fact, they are the ones creating the demand for innovations in software protection. This means that you can’t only rely on antivirus software.

Even with the best antivirus package, you still have to be careful when using the computer. The more employees you have, the bigger the chance of some of them unintentionally falling prey to hackers. Computer monitoring software can help you monitor your employees’ activity and point out risky misuse that could expose the company to dangerous hacker attacks.

Even if all of the preventive measures fail to protect the company’s software from hacker attacks, computer monitoring software can alarm everybody as soon as one of the computers gets attacked. This allows you to act quickly and prevent further potential damage, which is the most important thing you can do at that point. 

Legal Protection

You can never know what’s going on inside everyone’s heads, and you shouldn’t. One of your employees could be involved in illegal activities that can manifest in their browsing history. It might be none of your business as long as they do it in their own spare time using their personal devices.

However, if they’re using the company’s computer for illegal activities, it should be a major concern for you. Their suspicious activities could alarm the authorities to check the IP address that will lead to your company. 

At that point, everyone’s a suspect. In order to protect the company, your co-workers, and help the authorities, you would have to allow them to closely examine everyone’s activity and the company’s sensitive data, which would be very unpleasant for everyone and degrading for your company. 

Computer monitoring software can help by keeping the employees aware of the transparency of their activities, hence preventing them from using the company’s devices for illegal activities. Monitoring software can also help you spot these activities on time and alert the authorities before the situation escalates to unrepairable damage.

Aside from protecting your company this way, you’re also in a way protecting society from criminal activities, which should be every citizen’s moral obligation.

Preventing Misuse of Software and Devices

Coworkers having serious problem with computer in office

Almost every company nowadays works with complex software that requires thorough employee training for proper usage. However, even after the official training is done, the employees still have a lot to learn about software usage. Unlike computers, human beings are prone to making unintentional mistakes. 

When it comes to your company’s devices and software, these mistakes can cost a fortune. As already mentioned, misuse of software can lead your employees to fall prey to hackers or trigger a massive crash of the system that can endanger the whole business.

In order to minimize the chance of these mistakes happening, it’s important to be able to monitor your employees’ work and alert them to any misuse of devices and software that you spot. That way your employees will keep learning about the company’s operating system, reducing the chance of severe mistakes happening as time goes by. 

Detecting Disloyal Employees

Besides the honest employees who can unintentionally make a mistake that can endanger the company, you should also beware of disloyal employees. To begin with, you can keep your employees loyal by treating them fairly, thus minimizing the risk of creating a silent enemy inside your company.

However, your behavior towards your employees is not the only factor concerning loyalty. If you’re running a successful business, then you definitely have enemies outside the company among the competition. Some of them won’t hesitate to take illegal actions against your company by bribing one of your employees to steal sensitive data. 

That is why you should do everything to protect yourself from such actions, and the best protection, in this case, is computer monitoring software. Such software would alert you in case of suspicious behavior, such as taking screenshots or downloading and printing classified documents, making you capable of taking necessary actions in a timely manner.

Even if you fail to prevent the theft of sensitive data, you would be able to track down who did it and take legal actions against them and their contractor, turning the tables on the attackers.


Safety is among the most important aspects of today’s business world, and you can now see why computer monitoring software is essential for workspace safety. Your employees can unintentionally endanger your company by misuse of software and devices, but you can do a lot to prevent that by implementing monitoring software to your company’s workflow. 

Furthermore, you should never underestimate the maliciousness of some people, because it could cost your business. Optimal usage of computer monitoring software can also protect you from such persons’ attempts to undermine your company. Remember that monitoring is about progress and safety, and not about worker exploitation.