WhatsApp introduces a long-awaited dark mode for Android beta testers

WhatsApp finally introduces a long-awaited dark mode – but only for beta users on Android devices

  • Beta testers on Android can now test of the new dark mode feature
  • To activate, beta users can navigate to ‘Chats’ in settings
  • They can select ‘light,’ ‘dark,’ or ‘set by battery saver’ 
  • It’s unclear when the mode will make its way to iOS or non-beta users 

Android users will be the first to get their hands on a new dark mode feature that turns the messaging app’s menus black.

The new mode, reported by WABetaInfo, is actually called ‘Dark Theme’ and is available to users with the latest beta version of WhatsApp, 2.20.13.

For those with Android and the latest beta of WhatsApp that want to test the feature out, it can be activated by navigating to ‘Chats’ inside the app settings. 

Dark mode has made its way to WhatsApp for beta users on Android devices. Those eligible can choose from ‘light,’ ‘dark’ or ‘set by battery saver.’ 

Above is an example of how dark mode, as opposed to the typical white screen, looks in a chat interface .

From there, users can select between several different display themes, including ‘light’ – the normal white-screen appearance – ‘dark,’ and ‘set by batter saver.’

The last option will enable dark mode depending on what battery settings a users has enabled on Android.  

While not explicit, this suggests that if a user has low power mode enabled, it will use a dark theme as an added battery conservation method.

It’s unclear if and when the feature will be rolled out to users on iOS or when WhatsApp’s users will be able to utilize the feature in non-beta mode. 

If adoption among other major apps is any indication, the chances of a more far-reaching roll out are high.

Dark modes have become increasingly popular throughout the last two years and are now available on Twitter, Instagram, Reddit and even system-wide applications through Android and iOS.

WhatsApp is one of many apps that has shown interest in dark modes throughout the past year. Notably Instagram has also introduced a darker theme to its app

On iOS and Android, dark modes can change otherwise white menu screens to black and can even activate dark modes in other apps automatically when switched on. 

Aside from being more aesthetically pleasing to some, dark modes are also designed to be much easier on the eyes, reducing any strain, and also consumes less energy via the device’s display, making them more battery efficient.

On an iPhone, some testers claim that switching to dark mode can help extend one’s battery life by as much as 30 percent. 

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