What happens after death: US Navy sailor claims ‘I saw Jesus standing in front of me’

The former US Navy sailor who introduced himself as John F believes he caught a glimpse of the afterlife 63 years ago. After an incident involving a hard-boiled egg and accidental electrocution, John ended up in a state of clinical death. He described in great detail the events that led to his supposedly profound near-death experience (NDE).

John said: “While on duty in the United States Navy, I was munching on a hard-boiled egg and got choked.

“I could only breathe in. My lungs filled until they could fill no more.

“I felt as though I could get the egg out of my mouth I might live.

“I walked to a water fountain that was nearby and turned on the water.”

Unfortunately, as soon as his lips touched the water, a120 volts of electricity raced through his body.

John said: “I was experiencing some panic by this time and could think of no way to help myself survive this accident.

“I thought of my Lord and said to myself, ‘At least I am a Christian.'”

After he fell to the ground, a fellow soldier attempted CPR on John’s dying body.

However, John has very vivid memories of floating towards the ceiling in “spirit form”.

He is convinced he was dead when this happened as he could freely float around the room.

Soon after, he remembers being engulfed by darkness and travelling down a tunnel.

He then found himself standing on a misty stage, where the figure of Christ appeared.

John said: “Soon I saw Jesus standing in front of me. He asked me what I wanted of him.

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“I told him I had learned I would have to return to Earth and I did not want to leave this Heavenly place.

“He explained to me that I had not yet performed his wishes that he had set forth for me in my lifetime.”

John eventually woke up in a hospital, believing he had just gone to heaven.

And although his account is incredibly detailed, the medical consensus does not agree it was truly supernatural.

According to the NHS, NDEs do not count as genuine deaths.

Instead, they could be explained as hallucinations triggered by an oxygen-starved brain.

The NHS said: “A more accepted definition of death is when brain stem death occurs, which is when all neural activity in the deepest brain ceases.

“While it is possible to keep the heart functioning using life support systems, a person with brain stem death has permanently lost the potential for consciousness.

“The existence of an ‘afterlife’ remains a matter of belief, not scientific proof.”

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