UFO sighting: ‘Aliens’ caught on film ‘monitoring COVID-19’ in China, claims ET researcher

The UFO or unidentified flying object was accidentally caught on camera from the 13th floor of an apartment building in Zhubei. The 12-second clip pans across a construction site near the Tai Yuen Hi-Tech Industrial Park when an anomaly appears in the sky. About eight seconds into the clip, a flash of light cuts across the top right corner of the video.

The clip was uploaded to YouTube on October 15 and has since been analysed by self-titled UFO expert and conspiracy theorist Scott C Waring.

Mr Waring, who runs the popular blog UFO Sightings Daily, believes the flash of light was alien in origin.

Even more bizarrely, he suggested aliens are monitoring the coronavirus pandemic in Zhubei City.

He has made similar claims in the past when supposed aliens were spotted over Madrid and Bristol.

He said of his latest discovery: “A person was looking out the 13th floor of their apartment building and recording when a bright white glow suddenly appeared and shot to the right.

“The cloud-like object is seen resting below a much larger cloud when the person focuses on it and it shoots away. Almost as if the UFO detected a human noticing it.

“It looks like the UFO may have been monitoring the COVID-19 virus in Taiyan city.

“Covid is still rampant in China even though they don’t report its true numbers.

“Aliens monitor true stats of countries to make an accurate prediction of where the world is headed in the future due to COVID-19. Aliens love using data to make predictions.”

Mr Waring is no stranger to bizarre theories and questionable claims as he shares supposed UFO sightings on a daily basis.

Earlier this year he urged SpaceX chief Elon Musk to retrieve what he believed was a gun on Mars.

And more recently, he shared footage of what he claimed was an alien UFO filmed near the secretive Area 51 base.

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In most cases, however, his discoveries can be explained through natural phenomena such as lenticular clouds or the psychological phenomenon of pareidolia.

And this appears to be the case for his latest discovery, which appears to be nothing more than a window reflection.

As the camera pans over the construction site, you can clearly see stains and smudges on the window’s glass.

You can also make out the faint reflection of the person holding the camera as the flash of light appears.

According to Sky & Telescope magazine, reflections are very frequently mistaken for UFOs and other paranormal phenomena.

Sky and Telescope’s Bob King said: “Internal reflections of bright light sources — car headlights, ceiling fixtures — in multi-paned glass, especially against twilight, can appear single, double, or multiply-imaged, as if the source is hovering in the distance.”

As far as the realm of science is confirmed, there is no concrete evidence of life outside of our homeworld.

Scientists are, however, hopeful the exploration of worlds like Mars and Venus could soon should more light on our place in the Universe.

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