UFO fans reckon aliens make mysterious appearances to keep us guessing

Reddit users have revealed their theories about what UFOs could be as they appear pretty similar during sightings.

The user @who_gives_a_1 posted to the subreddit r/TooAfraidToAsk to find out why UFOs always seem to 'fly aimlessly at night' or 'travel in formations' and received several theories about why.

The original poster said: "If extraterrestrial aliens exist and UFO's belong to them, why don't they just show up in broad daylight or right out front? Like hover over NYC in movies and see what Will Smith will do LOL.

"Why are all the UFO videos grainy or from a pilot's shaking camera, like Sasquatch in the wilderness. The only reasonable answer I can think of is that we're "not supposed to know" yet.

"If they are so advanced and knowledgeable, why fly around aimlessly at night or hover in formations? Why not actually send a message that needs no interpreting?"

The comments were filled with plausible explanations from the laws of physics to UFOs being man-made.

One user wrote: "Because UFOs probably aren't aliens, and the people who claim to see them are often lying or wrong about what they saw."

Another added: "The Chinese or Russians flying drones around."

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A third said: "As more advanced than us they might be, they can't violate laws of physics and they can't travel faster than light.

"Also, to be able to travel at the speed of light their mass should be 0, and this means if an alien came from the other side of our galaxy, the Milky Way, it would take them at least 100k years to come, and 100k to go back.

"You can use the fuel for half the travel and then rotate the spaceship 180 degrees and decelerate for the remaining half, but even then, how do you get enough fuel to travel at least 50k years?

"And how do you make it so you don't run out of food for that much time? And more problems."

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