UFO expert finds more ‘Ancient Egyptian-style tombs’ that ‘prove life on Mars’

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A self-proclaimed UFO expert believes he has found more Ancient Egyptian tombs on Mars a week after thinking he only found one last week.

Scott C. Waring posted a new video to YouTube with GigaPan images of the surface of Mars, which he believes shows no less than six of these mysterious structures that he believes resemble the entrance to Rameses tomb.

Posting his new video to his blog UFO Sightings Daily, Waring wrote: "Guys, I was looking over this GigaPan Mars photo when I noticed that not only was there one doorway in it, but there are more than six doorways all around it, and all about the same height and width.

"That simple fact makes this a mountain of proof about a small alien species existing about 6 inches tall.

"There is also a bull sphinx in the far left of the photo. The bull has wings folded up. There is also a long object which has colours like a coral snake. Very odd day indeed."

The update from the self-professed UFO expert comes just a week after he claimed to have found a "tomb entrance" on the surface of Mars – similar to those built of Egyptian pharaohs.

He claimed the find was "100% proof that alien life once lived on Mars".

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In the video, he posted to YouTube last week, he analysed the footage and compared the one-foot-tall doorway to Rameses' tomb in ancient Egypt – and sensationally believes they are for 8-inch tall creatures he believes he has spotted on the Red Planet previously.

However, experts have debunked these claims as being caused by erosion.

British geologist Neil Hodgson, who has studied the geology of Mars, told Live Science: "This is a very curious image but in short – it looks like natural erosion to me."

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