Toy Poodle stuns onlookers as he rides scooter through streets of London

A Toy Poodle that looks like a teddy bear has been turning heads in London for his unusual talent.

Toffy’s owner shared an adorable video of the fluffy pup riding a bee scooter, with a bow tie and bee backpack completing his outfit.

The Instagram famous pup and his siblings, Fyfy and Woody, have over 57,000 followers on the social media app, but it was TikTok where their owner posted the talented dog’s party trick.

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Toffy puts two paws on the base of the scooter, and his two front paws on the handlebars, before scooting around the streets.

He managed to learn the trick in less than an hour, according to the social media star’s Instagram stories.

His owner revealed how they’d taught the poodle this cool trick, attaching a leash to the front of the handlebars and pulling the pooch on the toy scooter across hardwood flooring – two of the dogs can even fit on the scooter at the same time!

The stylish canines were spotted on TikTok by dog influencer Pop Sausage, who commented on the video to say how ‘incredible’ it was.

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Another TikTok user added: “Omg that’s absolutely fantastic.”

It’s certainly an unusual talent, and a super cute trick the dog obviously loves to perform!

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