Terrifying Gimp Man stalks country lanes as locals too scared to go out at night

A “gimp man” has been spotted causing chaos in a Brit village, and has left locals too scared to go out.

The village of Cleeve, in Somerset, has been terrorised by the “Somerset Gimp” in recent days.

He was spotted wearing a full rubber suit and a face mask.

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When he was first spotted, a large police response was engaged, but that didn't stop the Gimp Man jumping out in front of two young blokes coming from home a local put and scaring them.

The Gimp Man was covered in mud and was described as “making strange noises”.

The village has been beset with Gimp-related issues in recent years, as has two other areas nearby.

After the latest sighting, a man was arrested and bailed – leaving locals fearing to go out.

One said: “I stopped going out for a jog after the gimp man was about a whole ago. I started going out again, and now he’s back.

“It did put me off. It’s quite a shock to hear it’s been happening again.“

Another said: “There were loads of police officers with sticks walking along both sides of the hedge searching for something on Tuesday afternoon.

“Before we heard the news, we thought they might have been looking for a knife or something and maybe something serious had happened up in Cleeve.

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“It’s usually quiet around here. The worst thing that’s happened around here recently was the pizza shop being broken into, but that was few years back.”

Police raced to Cleeve at 1am on Tuesday over reports two males were confronted.

A police spokesman said the force responded "quickly" due to similarities with previous incidents which have "caused significant alarm".

In 2019 and 2021, a man wearing a "gimp suit" caused fear in nearby Claverham and Yatton.

Police now say a man, in his 30s, was arrested nearby on suspicion of causing a public nuisance, but been released on bail.

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Acting Insp Lee Kerslake, of the neighbourhood policing team, said: "No-one has been physically harmed during any of these incidents but we know they have caused concern to the local community and we are determined to identify the individual or individuals responsible and stop them.

"We continue to keep an open mind about the intentions of the man and whether the incident is linked to any others."

Avon and Somerset Police are carrying out extra patrols in the area.

Conditions of the man's bail include that he must remain home between 21:00 and 06:00 and present to a police officer on request.

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