Teacher sacked for racy snaps joins sugar daddy site in search of millionaires

A teacher who lost her job when a blogger exposed her racy OnlyFans page has joined a sugar daddy website in search of a millionaire mentor.

Sarah Juree taught young children science as part of Starbase – a collaboration between schools and the US Defence Department.

Despite dedicating two decades of her life to teaching, the mum started selling adult content online in hope of making extra cash because she was trapped in a “poverty loop”.

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The 41-year-old from Notre Dame, Indiana, US is now doing everything she can to monetise the spotlight thrusted on her.

Last week the Daily Star reported how Sarah is launching a date-for-hire service called ‘Notre Date’.

Sarah, who has been single for five years, also told how she recently joined a Sugar Daddy dating website, adding that she is only interested in dating millionaires from now on.

Speaking to the Daily Star, she said: “I’m trying to leverage this little bit of fame and worldwide media attention I’ve gotten.

“I’ve also kind of been on the sugar daddy sites, I’m really interested in getting a sugar daddy. Primarily I’m looking for business mentorship.

“I hope to find someone I can have a good time with, who I can have a friendship with, who I can have fun and travel with – I’ve never used my passport.

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“I have all these dreams for myself that I feel stuck with, and I know that the right person could make them happen”.

Sarah explained that most of the men showing up on the sugar daddy sites are based in Chicago – two hours away.

She continued: “It's the closest big city where there are a lot of opportunities, and a lot of money, and men who are already millionaires.

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“I have chatted with some really nice men, but it’s hard because I’m a single mom and they’re two hours away. The smarter move would be to let the men come here.

“There are certain men already coming here for business so why wouldn’t I put myself out there like ‘hey I’m single!’.

“I don’t want to be on Tinder, I don’t want to be on Bumble. I feel like I can leverage what I have going for me, lots of guys love that I was the teacher fired for OnlyFans and that I’m a model now.

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“So, if that’s what gets my foot in the door and gets me opportunities.

“Of course, ideally I would love to find my person, I’ve been single for five years so I understand that loneliness.”


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