Gardeners share how to ‘boost’ tomato plants with ‘essential’ item

Gardening: Homebase shares tips to help grow tomatoes

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Tomatoes are one of the most common crops to grow in home gardens. They are incredibly rewarding to grow, offering a delicious crop of juicy, red salad fruits once harvest season arrives. While there are many different varieties of tomato to grow, for those who want to get the absolute best from their crop, gardeners have taken to the Mrs Hinch Gardening Tips Facebook page to recommend using epsom salt on their tomato plants.

Posting a photo of home using Epsom salt on his tomato plants, Stuart Egerton wrote: “Epsom salt used as a plant boost. 

“Epsom salts improve calcium uptake in plants and provide plants with essential magnesium which is in short supply in the majority of garden soils. 

“Magnesium also helps prevent leaf curling and with calcium helps prevent blossom end rot. 

“Add two tablespoons of Epsom salt to the planting hole before planting tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and melons.”

Taking to the comments section, group members were in favour of this tomato growing hack.

Barbara Stone said: “Only came across Epsom salts as a soil improver earlier this year, at first I thought someone was having a laugh. But, when I realised it was good advice, I tried it, and it really works.”

Raymond Dawson wrote: “I have friends who use Epsom salts on their allotments with great success for helping grow their vegetables so I had to try it for my plants. 

“Really helps produce better stronger tomato plants that produce a good crop of fruit. Now it’s an essential for me when I grow tomatoes.”

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Claire Humble said: “I was skeptical at first, but it really works. I used them last year and I’ve never grown such big and actually tasty tomatoes until then.”

Jean Hoskin commented: “Yes, I’m all for using Epsom salt in the garden, especially on my tomato plants. It gives them a real boost. 

“Not only did it improve the taste and size of the plant it also helped fix yellow leaves that developed on my plant.”

Helen Watts wrote: “Epsom salt is my go-to when growing tomatoes as it stops them from going brown”.

Epsom salts can prove to be incredibly good for tomato plants in certain cases when tomatoes are dealing with a magnesium deficiency, but they can be completely ineffective in others.

While it can aid to improve flavour, growth, nutrient uptake, and fix yellow leaves, it cannot speed up germination, deter pests or prevent blossom end rot.

It is important to note that for those using epsom salt to boost their tomatoes only small amounts of the product should be applied. 

Also Epsom salt will only have a noticeable effect on tomatoes I if they are truly magnesium deficient. When that happens, it can be very beneficial.

However, if the soil or tomato plants are not magnesium deficient and gardeners add it thinking they’re doing the right thing, or if they add too much, they can actually harm the plant. 

Overuse can cause root problems in your tomatoes. It can also result in a build-up of magnesium in the soil that causes an imbalance of micronutrient absorption.

Before using Epsom salt on tomato plants, gardeners always need to use a soil test before. 

However, it’s worth noting that if gardeners are fertilising correctly throughout the growing season, they shouldn’t need to add an outside source of magnesium at all. 

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