Strange ‘smartphone using’ man in 1940s beach snap ‘proves time travel is real’

Conspiracy theorists convinced that time travel is possible have found what they claim is further proof that heading back and forth through the ages really is a thing.

A photo taken at the seaside in Cornwall during World War 2 has caught the attention of people who believe that leaping between eras is much more than just sci-fi.

Amid the sunbathers in the 1940s snap of Towan Beach, Newquay, is a bloke who looks as though he is on his smartphone, reports The Sun.

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The man has become known in the social media universe as the “texting time traveller”, – even though less frenzied observers pointed out that the man was probably just rolling a fag.

“Er… .is it just me or is this guy checking his phone… in the 1940s?” asked one conspiracy nut.

Another wrote: "Shows how much beachwear has changed! Jacket, tie and hat?”

And a third said: "Good catch. It’s clearly the man in the shot is a time travelling tourist checking his mobile device. Finally the evidence we need that time travel is real.”

But one conspiracy buster shot down their hopes, saying: "I think that chap is rolling a cigarette!”

The “discovery” comes shortly after conspiracy theorists pointed out that a painting created before the invention of electricity shows a girl looking at an iPhone – even though art critics quickly pointed out she was just reading a prayer book

The 150-year-old The Expected One by artist Ferdinand George Waldmüller shows a young woman walking through the countryside with her eyes glued to a square object in her hands, as a man waits to give her a flower.

It would be unclear exactly who the girl was trying to communicate with, given that neither email nor Twitter were around in those days.

But believers in time-travel would probably point out that she could have been messaging people from way into the future.

And there was further excitement recently when more “evidence” recently – this time, depictions in Ancient Greece of laptops.

One 2,500-year-old painting on a vase includes an image of a man apparently holding a stylus with one hand while he holds his computer with the other.

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