Spooked parents rewatch baby monitor to find ‘ghosts waving at tot’

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A mum has captured two "spinning objects" on her baby monitor, believing they could be the ghosts of her grandparents visiting the family.

Cheryl Scott and husband Robert Thorrat had mounted a camera above their baby Scott's cot to watch over him at night.

But they noticed something out of place when they re-watched some recent footage.

The incident, which took place around midnight on August 28, left the couple spooked.

Video shared to Daily Record shows two eerie "orbs" moving above little Scott in a "waving motion".

Seconds later, the camera spins and turns to face a mirror, showing a lit lamp in the background.

Cheryl said her family moved into their current home with Scott's big sisters, Alysha, 18 and Imogen, 13, in December 2019 before their son came along this April.

The house was previously owned by Margaret and William Scott, Cheryl's grandparents, who both died a number of years ago.

Believing in ghosts and a life after death, she was convinced that it could be the spirits of her grandparents coming to visit the baby.

"We noticed the two floating objects that had never been there before," Cheryl told the site.

"Then all of a sudden the camera spun right round, which never happens, it's fixed facing Scott.

"It turns to face a light that we didn't switch on.

"It's as if you can see a hand waving between the chest of drawers and the cot.

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"I definitely think a ghost visited. Robert didn't believe in ghosts but now he's not so sure."

Though not spooked by the unexplained phenomenon, Cheryl said she will be on lookout for any supernatural house guests from now on.

She added: "We never thought their house was haunted but maybe it is?

"Who knows if they'll come back again. I'm not scared, but it all was very strange."

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