Small town firm handed reins of £70BN Net Zero contract for Brexit Britain

Sadiq Khan on reaching net zero by 2030

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The Government has a target of reaching net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. 

To help press ahead with that target, it has awarded the Place Group, based in Penzance in Cornwall, with the four-year contract to oversee the framework to help slash carbon emissions. 

This involves providing the framework for services, products, solutions and support.

The East of England Broadband Network (E2BN)  the contracting authority, will also put in place a framework agreement for use by UK public sector bodies.

The Place Group’s four-year contract is aimed at ramping up the use of sustainable resources, improving recycling, and boosting the use of greener technologies and the cleaner use of water.

It also aims to make electricity, gas, oils, and other fuels greener by introducing technologies such as hydrogen, battery and nuclear. 

The firm will also provide the framework for making transportation greener. 

The company will also have access to financing, grants and awards to help it deliver a “comprehensive greener strategy to meet the needs of education, central and local government and other public sector and associated organisations”.

The Cornish firm is “expected to demonstrate they can impartially control, manage and deliver against the full range of required areas and to maintain and integrate such competing sub-contractors as necessary to ensure choice and flexibility in each category, best value and seamless interoperability. At all times choice, service and cost are of vital importance”.

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