Ryanair chaos as ‘paralytic’ woman threatens to ‘send stewardess to hospital’

A 'paralytic' woman was forced off a Ryanair flight from Spain after allegedly telling an air steward she would 'put her in hospital' in a sky-high tirade.

One passenger who was also on the flight from Alicante to Aberdeen yesterday (September 1) said the woman had become drunk and abusive on the flight – attacking her partner and airline staff.

In shocking video footage, the irate passenger appears to try and reason with cabin crew staff who are trying to diffuse the situation.

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While talking to staff she raises her hand up to signal for a female member of staff to stop talking as they chat whilst standing in the aisle of the plane.

The woman then bizarrely appears to slap a person before being ushered by a steward away from the area.

Police are later shown boarding the plane and escorting her off the plane.

The person who filmed the clip claims the woman was drunk and airline staff were then said to have had to "nanny" her throughout the flight until they were able to hand her over to police.

Speaking today (September 2), the passenger said: “She was paralytic, she was just shouting and swearing as soon as she got on the plane.

“Before we even took off, she was really vulgar and told her travelling partner to take his face for a s***e.

“We took off and she was still just being loud and drunk then a woman came over and told her to be quiet because there were children on the plane.

“The drunk woman then told her that she’ll put her in the hospital.

“In fairness to the flight attendants, they were fantastic and moved her to the front trying to keep everything peaceful.

“However, she just kept sneaking back and for the rest of the flight the crew had to nanny her.

“At one point she took a cigarette out and I thought she was about to light it but luckily she just put it behind her ear.

“She still was being loud and swearing and wouldn’t listen and so they made the decision that they had to call the police.

“They came on the plane straight after we landed and removed her from the plane.

“She was just vile.”

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The video was posted on TikTok yesterday where it has attracted over 104,000 views.

Social media users were quick to condemn the woman for her actions and called for a ban on alcohol during flights.

One said: “Should ban booze on flights, happening too often now.”

Another wrote: “Time to ban alcohol on flights, it makes it dangerous for everyone.”

A third added: “Well you’d expect that on Riotair.”

A fourth commented: “No more flights for her.”

This is not the first time that a Ryanair passenger has been drunk and disorderly this summer.

Last month a man was detained by his fellow flyers on a flight to Lithuania.

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