Bloke who married sex doll has ‘new babe’ – a teddy he rubs with dirty undies

The bodybuilder who shot to fame after marrying a sex doll has revealed he has a "new babe" – a cuddly teddy bear he loves to rub with his dirty underwear before sniffing.

Kazakhstani influencer Yuri Tolochko, 37, first married sex doll Margo before swapping her out for his next love – an ashtray.

He then moved on from the ashtray and to two new models, Luna and Lola. They also happened to be made of silicon.

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Recently, Yuri has been on holiday with Lola, taking her to Bratislava, Slovakia and Vienna, Austria, and documenting the entire thing for his 103,000 Instagram followers.

However, Lola's time by Yuri's side may be coming to an end as he appears to have met a new lover.

In his latest Instagram video he appears to be sat on a sofa, wearing just underwear and a hat while holding a grey teddy bear.

"Let me introduce to you my new babe," the caption reads.

Speaking directly to the camera he says: "Hey guys, let me introduce you to my new baby."

Then he looks behind the camera and says: "Lola don't be jealous – I love you too."

Then, for what is about a minute but feels like 10 when you're watching it, Yuri proceeds to rub the teddy bear on his armpits before pushing it against his nose and taking deep inhalations.

While this is happening he lets out sexual groans that are occasionally punctuated by phrases such as "oooh f**king sh*t", "oooh delicious", "amazing" and "don't tell him I smell".

Yuri then declares "I want to kiss you", and proceeds to get off with the armpit sweat-laden stuffed toy.

A final section brings the video to its bizarre crescendo as Yuri appears full naked (except for the baseball cap) with the teddy bear covering his privates.

The undies haven't disappeared from the frame though. In fact, they take centre stage as Yuri turns them inside out and uses the region where his genitals would have been to rub the toy.

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Naturally, this is again interrupted by the occasional moan of pleasure as Yuri bends down to sniff where he has been rubbing.

Yuri previously opened up to the Daily Star about his sex doll obsession. He told us: "I have sex with dolls sometimes every day.

“Sometimes I just touch them and jerk them off – by the way I like to do that.

“I also love to hurt myself physically. This is a spanking and hard nipple clamps. I do this every day. If someone else or a whole group of us participates in our sex, then I can f*** a doll while they whip me.”


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