Russians fighting in Ukraine told Putin will pay for their sperm to be frozen

The Kremlin has bizarrely offered to splash its cash on freezing Russian soldiers' sperm in the likely case they will die fighting in Ukraine.

Vladimir Putin's free semen freezing incentive is to encourage more Russian men to join his illegal invasion of Ukraine without fear they won't be able to have kids of their own.

The Kremlin has also said it will pay for troops' wives to have IVF if their partners do indeed die fighting for the warmonger Russian President, reports the Telegraph.

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On Wednesday, head of the Union of Lawyers of Russia Igor Trunov said the Government had given its support to his proposal to “create a free cryobank of genetic material” for troops – and to bump spouses up the list for state-sponsored IVF.

Trunov claimed he'd been contacted by many Russian families wanting to freeze the semen of men either offering themselves up or being forced to go to war.

He wrote a reply from the Health Ministry stating the Kremlin had confirmed it would allocate funds for the next two years to cover such costs as well as the storing of “biological material of the citizens mobilised to take part in the special military operation”.

It comes as experts claim Putin will need to mobilise more troops to fight in Ukraine if he has any prospect of winning at all – which by all means seems impossible at this stage.

More than 300,000 Russian men have already been sent to Ukraine since the partial mobilisation in September – a drive which saw hundreds of thousands flee the country in fear of being forced to fight.

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Some were even going to crazy lengths to get out of fighting, including men setting themselves on fire or shooting each other.

And, within days of the mobilisation confirmation, many Russian men made the trips to fertility clinics in a bid to freeze their sperm before being sent to fight and probably die.

The Kremlin has also made several other promises to Russian conscripts including a loan repayment grace period and halt on legal proceedings against possible soldiers.

However, families have claimed they are still being harangued by banks and collection agencies wanting payments on loans.


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