‘Russian Popeye’ uploads creepy clip rubbing woman’s leg after racy career change

An odd bloke dubbed "the Russian Popeye" has posted an unnerving video showing him rubbing a woman's leg as he promotes new content.

Kirill Tereshin earned his unusual nickname after he shot to fame for injecting his biceps with Synthol oil, making them appear unnaturally large and wobbly.

Since then the content creator, also known as "Bazooka Hands", has taken to posting regular life updates on social media including to his Instagram stories, where yesterday's creepy clip appeared.

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The footage shows Tereshin speaking to the camera and sitting next to a blonde woman, who seems uninterested in his advances.

The Pyatigorsk native can then be seen angling the camera down and caressing the woman's thigh, before she bats his hand away.

Undeterred, he giggles at the camera and continues his self-promotion, linking to his Twitch account.

The video comes after Tereshin announced he had made a racy career change and started starring in X-rated videos with fellow Russian influencers.

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Back in July he posted a picture where he could be seen posing with three women.

The caption read: "THURSDAY! Gangbang!!! All the beauties of the world want me.

"The hot stream has already begun, come in."

The post also contained a link to his Twitch channel for those interested in the "hot stream" as well as a link to another Telegram channel titled "THE MOST SECRET BAZOOKA CHANNEL! JUICY CONTENT" and labelled "18+".

In a subsequent post from July 23 he appears with another blonde lady, panning the camera to her chest and rear end.

The video is captioned: "I'm at Gubast's house! Stream with the smell of CAKES. Hurry up, brothers, I'll show her figure."

Despite his raunchy antics, however, Tereshin seems hell-bent on finding love and was recently filmed patrolling the streets of Moscow in search of a new girlfriend.

In a video posted to YouTube last month, the content creator said: "Friends, today I will meet girls. I want to find true true love.

"Basically all the girls I come across are scammers who are trying to deceive me," he added before stating he wanted a "simple one".

Tereshin could then be seen approaching a number of women in the street, showering them with compliments and even propositioning sex.

Many of them chose to ignore him, with several even walking away from him.

However as the video drew to a close there was hope for the star-crossed singleton as he approached one woman on a bench.

When he asked if she liked his appearance, the woman could be heard responding: "Not really."

But despite the odds, Tereshin managed to work his magic and bag her phone number.

"Well, the video has come to an end and I managed to meet one woman and we exchanged numbers" he said.

"Write in the comments whether I met girls correctly," he continued.

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