Russian boy, 6, gifted cheap smartwatch and toy car after dad killed in Ukraine

A Russian state-owned TV channel proudly proclaimed "dreams come true on New Year's Eve" as they gifted a young boy a shoddy watch and toy car after his dad was killed at war with Ukraine.

The young lad, six-year-old Savely Trokay from Kostroma, a city in western Russia, was paraded in front of Russia, as state-owned TV channel Rossiya 1 repeated the phrase "dreams come true”.

Alexander Arapov, head of Russia’s Internal Affairs Ministry in the Kostroma region, then whips out a cheap smartwatch and a model car from Russia’s Investigative Committee as the boy awkwardly smiles.

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Mere weeks after his father “died in the Donbas defending his homeland” the boy was hauled before cameras for a charity event held annually by Vladimir Putin's “Russia – Land of Opportunity” platform.

The child reportedly asked for the watches in a letter sent to the “Christmas Tree of Wishes," part of kind-hearted Putin's charity.

Alexander Arapov says in the broadcast: “Do you know that dreams always come true? The main thing is to believe in them. You believed in them, so they came true.”

Savely, who has two brothers and a sister, is joined by his mother Svetlana, who appears happy with the PR stunt.

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“We didn't expect it, actually. It's a big surprise for us, first of all for Savely… Thank you, we’re very happy!” she says.

Early last month Russian newspaper Vesma reported that one of the district leaders of the Kursk region, Sergey Korostelev, gave a set of towels to mothers who lost their sons in the conflict.

The move, from leaders of the Kursk region in western Russia, began circulating on Mother's Day which fell on November 27 in Russia last year.

Some of the mothers were even given a cake and also the honorary title 'Mothers of the Defenders of the Homeland.'


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