Rude-shaped inflatable dinosaur spotted in London sends internet into meltdown

A 30ft inflatable dinosaur which appeared in the heart of London bemused onlookers because of its phallic appearance.

The large inflatable creature arrived in Leicester Square and has got social media users whirring with theories as to whether it's meant to look like a penis or not.

Either way, the green monster proved a hit with tourists and passers-by, who made sure to get selfies with it, as reported by the Mirror.

After doing the rounds on Reddit and Twitter for a while, it was revealed that the prop is there as part of a series of PR stunts to promote the latest instalment of the Jackass movies.

The film Jackass Forever is a black comedy directed by and is the sequel to Jackass 3D which was released in 2010.

It is a compilation of stunts, pranks and skits and opens with a parody of Godzilla where cast members fight off the monster.

But it was the prop's likeness to a male member which left people in most amused and continued to attract attention during the day.

And its arrival in Leicester Square provoked some amusing reactions as one person guarded it in case high winds sent it towering off in another direction.

The erection of the inflatable attracted a string of posts on Twitter including one from @moanystark who posted the giant creature on his feed.

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Along with the picture he wrote "It’s all gone a bit Phoenix Nights in Leicester Square."

Other amused posters responded to the post and questioned if the creature, which has dark eyes at the end of its long green neck, was attracting the right people.

@idlewildgirl said: "Is it meant to…look like that??"

@thehibachi wrote: "For those unaware, it’s promo for Jackass Forever."

One poster who responded said: "Ah! That’s why it’s phallic shaped!"

The giant green creature also had orange spikes on its back and lengthy tale.

Another Reddit poster said: "There was no way this wasn't deliberate"

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