Prince Harry got so drunk his security ‘threatened him’ to stop tattoo plan

Prince Harry has claimed he was so drunk during a trip to Las Vegas that his security had to “threaten him” to stop him from getting a tattoo.

In the latest life-changing revelation to come out of the much-talked-out tell-all memoir from Harry, called Spare – released yesterday (January 10) – he detailed how he wanted to get a tattoo to remember his trip to Vegas in 2012 by.

Having already downed a Bloody Mary for breakfast, he proceeded to buy 50 beach balls and give them out to people at a pool party as a way of “breaking the ice”.

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And while he was texting Meghan Markle to “reassure her” he was behaving himself – several times, he claims – he kept coming across people who “kept handing me drinks”.

He explained: “By the time the sun was dipping over the mountains, I was in rough shape and filling up with . . . ideas.

“I need something to commemorate this trip, I decided – something to symbolize my sense of freedom, my sense of carpe diem.”

So the Duke of Sussex settled on a tattoo . . on his foot.

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  • Not just anywhere on his foot, but the sole of his food.

    For some reason, he decided to get a tattoo of the country of Botswana on his foot, and was going to pop down to a nearby tattoo parlour to get it done.

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    However, one problem occurred in the form of his security bloke called “Billy the Rock”.

    He recalled: “He smiled.

    “'No way'.

    “My mates backed him up: 'Absolutely not'.

    “In fact, they promised to physically stop me.

    “I was not going to get a tattoo, they said, not on their watch, least of all a foot tattoo of Botswana.

    “They promised ot hold me down, known me out, whatever it took.”

    Thankfully, he gave in, and decided not to get the weird tattoo done.

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