Pigeon with gigantic feet baffles internet as people try to suss what’s going on

A weird video shows a pigeon with giant feet going for a stroll on a rooftop while baffled witnesses record it from a nearby house.

The video was uploaded on TikTok by user @ge0_2001 with the caption: "Pigeon do be having size 18 feet."

In the clip, the pigeon is waddling on the roof of a building looking like it is somehow wearing a giant pair of flippers over its toes.

The feet are so large they look hilarious in proportion to its small body.

Also, far from being pigeon-toed, the bird’s feet are splayed outwards like a clown.

The video has since been watched more than 50,000 times and sparked a debate about what on earth it is, with thousands of viewers leaving comments.

One person joked: "You hear him before you see him."

"He doesn’t walk he slaps the floor," quipped a second.

Another confused person said: "At first I thought it was a bird and then I saw the feet and thought it was a seal on a boat launch then realised it’s actually a bird with big feet?"

Meanwhile, people with experience of keeping pigeons as ets offered a rational explanation for the bizarre-looking bird.

One viewer commented: "It’s a breed of pigeon they have feathers on their feet."

Similarly, another chipped in: "I own three pigeons like this! They are big feathers that grow on their feet and legs."

Most pigeons have scales on their feet and not feathers, but genetic variation can give them feathered feet in varying degrees.

A small number of feathers can be caused by variations in the "slipper" or "grouse" gene.

Birds with very long toe feathers have feet known as "muffs".

This comes after an irate driver filmed himself getting "mugged off" by a pigeon that refused to budge from its spot on the road.

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