‘People pay me to play out sick Diana/Harry incest fantasies’, lookalike says

A 'Princess Diana lookalike' plays out twisted Royal Family fantasies for her OnlyFans subscribers.

Lauren Spencer, 47, says people have told her she's the spitting image of the late Lady Di for decades and is now cashing in on her likeness.

In role play videos, Lauren admits are pretty weird, fans pay her to pretend they are either Prince William or Harry engaging in incestuous activity.

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Others speak to the former cam girl as though she is a medium for their idol which she hasn't claimed to be but now makes £206,000 per year from royal fans after chats and X-rated content.

Lauren who bills herself as 'Posh Totty' told the Daily Star: "I'm told constantly that I look like Princess Diana, I've been asked constantly to do custom naughty movies as princess Diana.

"I'm the same height as her, I'm from Windsor, I live in Devon now and I make about $250,000 (£206,000) a year doing what I do. I get asked for role play as her, naughty custom movies as her. All that kind of thing."

Lauren claims has been constantly told she looks like Diana since the age of 12, revealed what her most in demand content is, and it is hardly for the prude viewers.

"The most common one is mother, son and this might sound a bit weird," she said. "But people like to pretend that they're Harry or William and that mummy looks after them, that's a common one."

Another regular request is for Lauren to dress up in Diana's infamous 'revenge dress' and "do naughty things" in it.

Lauren who uses Spencer as a fitting moniker, became an award-winning webcam girl during the pandemic when she took it up for fun and money.

Running a business renting out mansion houses for production companies is now well in the past for the sex worker, currently based in Devon.

Commenting on her newfound admirers, Lauren said: "They want you to do naughty videos and so on, my opinion is that everybody has someone in the media that they like the look of.

"You know Diana is not here anymore so they can't meet her in real life, they can't have a custom video from her even if she were alive for obvious reasons.

"For some of them it's almost like kind of being able to be in touch with her still, which sounds strange, People come into my social media and say things like oh my god I just loved Diana so much, I loved her so much and it's like the closest thing that I can get to being with her.

"That makes me feel a little bit strange in some ways but pleased in others you know, because she's not here anymore.

"Some people will say it's disrespectful but you know actually, the blokes who ask for it say it's because they loved her so much and they fancied her so much, that they found it an accessible Poundland Diana shall we say?

"It's a Diana that they can be in touch with, they can see her in lingerie and see her doing naughty things. I don't think it's that weird because I've done cam for so long. "

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Making over £200,000 per year from OnlyFans is no small feat but animal-loving Lauren has her heights set higher for rather unselfish reasons.

She added: "If you can get into the 0.0% it is perfectly feasible to get $50,000 (£40,800) a week and that's my aim, not to buy Ferraris but to buy land to rescue animals.

"That's what I want to do so I'm into animal rescue. I've rescued smaller animals but I want to rescue bigger ones such as horses and pigs."


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