Pentagon releases new footage after triangular UFO seen over military base

The Pentagon has attempted to explain a triangle-shaped UFO above the US' biggest Marine base, by releasing footage of a military training exercise.

Baffling footage was released earlier this week by investigative filmmaker Jeremy Corbell on his Weaponized podcast, showing a triangle-shaped object hovering over Twentynine Palms military base in California.

Jeremy also posted a picture appearing to show the outline of a craft, which one witness said was "half the size of a football field".

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An artilleryman, whose day-to-day role involves the use of flares, ruled out the light-emitting projectiles being explanation for the UFO that was spotted in April 2021.

He claimed it was "nothing like he had seen before", adding: "There's five next to each other and they look reddish, and our 'lume [illumination] rounds are like a yellow, white colour."

But the Pentagon appears to have refuted these claims, sharing video of an "airspace and tactic instructors' course".

It shows helicopters and tracer fire darting across the night sky above Twentynine Palms.

At one point, a set of flares light up the sky in the rough shape of the supposed UFO.

Susan Gough, the Department of Defense's spokesperson, confirmed that a training course was conducted at the time of the sighting.

You can watch the Pentagon's footage three minutes into the below video:

"There is no record of communication with the base range control concerning a UAP sighting, nor of the allocation of any base resources to investigate a UAP sighting," she said.

"AARO does not have a record of this alleged event and cannot verify the authenticity of the report."

Questions still persist, however. Witnesses who Jeremy interviewed claimed the lights remained motionless for 10 minutes – far longer than any flare would be capable of.

Jeremy is remaining open-minded, telling Daily Star: "I'm crowdsourcing it now. We're asking for an official response from the base.

"This is an active investigation, we're asking for help for more witnesses to come forward.

"There has to be more videos – it was a mass sighting."

He added: "There was some training exercise at the time, where they had flares in the sky.

"The thing is that all these witnesses that were there, they said they were training but it wasn't every night and we could see a craft."

Military staff say illumination rounds were discharged above the UFO in an attempt to reveal what it was.

But it "blinked out" or "disappeared" just before the rounds approached "useful proximity to the unidentified craft".

Immediately after the sighting, there was a "significant air and ground response" with helicopters circling the area for three hours.

One soldier who claims to be in infantry section, told the filmmaker: "Those lights appeared out of nowhere.

"Nobody could recognise it. I mean, we are all in the military…If you look in the picture, you can see like a black, triangular shape."

It comes after Jeremy told this site that a metallic UFO seen over the Middle East in declassified footage had been spotted numerous times before.


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