1500 people called Kyle travel to town called Kyle for record Kyle gathering

More than a thousand people named Kyle descended on a US town for the Kyle Fair last weekend.

The gathering of Kyles hosted in Kyle, Texas, saw hundreds travel from across 50 states and beyond, united by a single commonality.

The celebration of the name Kyle was held in the hopes of breaking a world record for the largest single-name gathering, meaning Kylies, Kiels, Kylas and Kylees were not invited.

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A spokesperson for the city of Kyle, who wasn't named, said: "Kyles from all over the country answered the call, with Kyles from 49 of the 50 states – including Hawaii and Alaska – attending.

"We also had global representation with attendees from Ontario, Calgary, Vancouver, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan, Canada."

The many Kyles took their bid at a new world record seriously. Proof of ID and address was required and those with Kyle as a middle name or surname were not included in the count.

And the town put up a good fight – a whopping 1490 Kyles made an appearance at the Kyle-off, some of them sporting white T-shirts with the monosyllabic name proudly emblazoned across them.

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But despite the impressive attempt, the gathering of Kyles wasn't quite big enough to scoop up the world record, which was set six years ago in Bosnia and Herzegovina by a 2,325-strong group of Ivans.

This wasn't the town of Kyle's first attempt at the world record, either – in fact, this was the fourth time the city has called on Kyles around the world to make the name-related pilgrimage.

"We thank the many Kyles that turned out for this event and were blown away by their enthusiasm and camaraderie in the City of Kyle’s fourth and most successful attempt at this record," the spokesperson said.

But despite missing out on a record, the 1,490 Kyles still seemed to have a whale of a time and were invited to pay $20 (£16.18) for the joy of punching through panels of drywall.

Kyles also faced off in margarita-making and rib competitions and fireworks welcomed the many Kyles to their namesake town.

And as the Kyles were counted they were serenaded by country singer Kyle Daniel, the only Kyle to play on stage that weekend.

While Kyles of the world have conceded defeat this time, another attempt to nab the record will be made in the same place next year.

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