Pensioner caught riding mobility scooter on 70mph dual carriageway in rush hour

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    A pensioner was caught hurtling down a dual carriageway on their mobility scooter hitting speeds of 70mph during rush hour.

    The woman was spotted in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, travelling across the town's grid road system at breakneck speeds in an unusual travel method that was witnessed by social media users.

    It appeared the defiant driver was heading down the V7 Saxon Street between Oldbrook and Fishermead and then skirted off to the left at the Eaglestone Roundabout, The Express reported.

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    Footage of the woman zooming around the city was captured by musician Tony Hill, who shared the video to social media where the speedy elder was watched by hundreds of people.

    Of the video, Tony said: "I was walking from the Four Bridges back to mine. It's been shared loads and played loads."

    The video, which has been shared over 240 times on Facebook, saw Tony also comment: "This world never stops amazing me."

    As speedy as the elderly resident may be, it comes under a series of Highway Code rulings that set out exactly what type of mobility scooter can take to main roads, and the specific speed limits that are set.

    Unsurprisingly, 70mph and zooming down Saxon Street does not come under the Highway Code, with the elderly driver managing to hit 20mph over the speed limit.

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    Highway Code rulings declare that any mobility scooter on a main road must be a class 3 mobility scooter and it must also stick to a strict 50mph speed limit.

    There are also clear rules on mobility scooter users avoiding the dual carriageway, and if they must use it, need amber flashing lights for visibility.

    Highway Code rules are mandatory for those heading onto the road with their mobility scooters, with Rules 41 to 46 specifically about their usage.

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