Only those with a high IQ can find a heart among the elephants

Only people with the keenest eyes can spot a heart among the elephants in an adorable puzzle.

The puzzle, created and posted to Facebook on the account thedudolf, is a graphic teeming with white, purple and pink elephants.

Challengers will need to look over every single elephant to discover a heart carefully placed among them.

The graphic makes it much harder than it may initially appear, however, with the curves of the elephants’ ears and flowers and butterflies scattered among them.

Adding to the difficulty is the fact that the heart itself is small and crammed in a hard-to-find spot.

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Those struggling with the puzzle can find the heart in the upper third of the graphic.

All people need to do is look to the top centre of the picture, at the uppermost white elephant, and move down to its pink neighbour below.

The heart is below the elephant’s ear and next to a nearby pink butterfly.

Anyone looking for another fun, but less difficult challenge, can look for the elephant in a top hat, the elephant clutching a banana, or the elegant wearing a belt of flowers.

They can be found in the top middle, middle left and bottom right of the picture respectively.

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