‘My mum gave the family dog a better birthday than me’ says furious teen

The person, posting on Reddit said their mother started off with good intentions, and that all they wanted was a low-key birthday.

They wrote: “My dog and I have our birthdays in the same month. Mine is at the start of the month and hers is at the end. This year, I turned 17, and she turned 1.

“This year, all I wanted for my birthday was to hang out, eat cake, and not do anything. All I wanted in terms of gifts was a new lamp for my bedroom and a new sketchbook because I already filled out my old one. We ended up doing none of what I wanted.

“My mum ended up dragging me out of town because she wanted to get me dinner at a steak place. Which is whatever, I like steak.”

From here, things began to go wrong as the user’s mother brought their sister along who then ditched them to go to a fair.

They wrote: “However, she said we were going to be gone all day long. When I asked her why she told me it was because my sister was going to tag along but we could go wherever I wanted. That was the new plan.

“What actually ended up happening was that my mum spent all day shopping for herself (I hate shopping, she knows that) and my sister ended up completely ditching my birthday to go to a Renaissance Fair.

“Every time I asked my mum to go do something else, she ignored me and did something she wanted. My sister ended up joining us for dinner (it was honestly kinda meh) to which the waiter was nicer to me than most of my family had been all day.”

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Things took a turn for the worse at the end of the month when the dog’s first birthday came around.

The user wrote: “My mother took the whole day off to be with the dog, bought her new toys and clothes, and even had a custom dog treat made for my dog’s birthday.

“When I, on the other hand, didn’t even get my cake until three days later after practically begging my dad to get me one.

“I just feel like this event has kinda been a turning point for me when it comes to how I view my mum. I just don’t know exactly how to feel about her treating an actual dog better than me.”

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The Reddit user received a wave of sympathetic comments from fellow commenters who shared their own experiences and even offered to buy them a gift.

One wrote: “Did you get any presents or not? I will pay for you to get a new sketchbook just DM to organise. Seriously. I love my drawing when I’m in the mood. I can’t sit back and see you go without after that day you described.”

Another said: “I thought that my mum treated the dog better than me up until very recently.

“What I discovered was that she uses the dog as an excuse to do whatever she wants, she does not care about what the dog wants or the dog’s well-being. It’s just that the dog can’t answer her back or find flaws in what she is saying.”

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