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SCHOOL polo shirts inevitably get grubby – be it from eating lunch, playing outside, or messy work in the classroom.

But one particular concern only crops up this time of year – sun cream stains that turn your whites yellow. 

Savvy mums have weighed in on the best way to get the stains out of school polos to save you from buying a brand new pack before the term is almost up. 

Taking to Facebook group Family Lowdown Tips and Ideas, one mum-of-three begged for help on the dilemma.

With her trio of kids all in primary school, she said the stains look “atrocious” but didn’t see the point in buying more polos this close to the summer holidays. 

Other mums weighed in on their top tips – with one suggesting the sun could solve the grubby problem. 

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The totally free hack requires a standard wash and to hang the polo in “direct sunlight”, which lifts stains.

Others offered suggestions with cleaning products you already have lying around the house. 

“Soak in Milton overnight, then wash,” one mum commented. “It’s the only thing I have found that works.

“I’ve given up on white polos. Thankfully ours can also wear red.”

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Milton is a disinfectant made up of sodium chloride and sodium hypochlorite.

It’s traditionally used to kill almost all viruses, bacteria and fungi, taking just 15 minutes to work.

A 500ml bottle costs just £2.49 in Boots and is raved about by Mrs Hinch fans for making white clothes and sheets uber-bright.

Another mum recommended kitchen degreaser – particularly the Elbow Grease All Purpose Degreaser Spray which costs a cool £1.25 for 500ml in ASDA.

“This stuff is amazing,” she said. “My daughter managed to get sun cream all over her black PE T-shirt and it looked almost bleached after washing it. 

“I sprayed this liberally on the stains, rubbed it in, rewashed.”

A nan recommended giving any stained polos a good soak in soda crystals. 

“Washing soda crystals are great for stain removal,” she advised. “Just soak overnight then add some crystals to the drum and wash as normal.

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