‘My first sight of Bigfoot changed my life forever – now I hunt the paranormal’

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    A Bigfoot hunter has shared his wild experience that set him on track for a life of researching the legendary beast.

    Teacher Erich James has been having encounters with BigFoot all his life, and recalls times as a child when he saw massive footprints and strangely moving animals in the woods.

    The father of one's suspicions got more intense years later, when an encounter left him convinced of their existence.

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    In June 2020 he travelled to eastern Washington State, USA, to visit a friend who had said he had sightings of the mythical beast.

    His friend, an outdoorsman who spent a lot of time out in nature, took him to the spot where he claimed he was seeing the beasts.

    Speaking to the Daily Star, Erich said: “I was shining my flashlight out the window when I saw two sets of white glowing eye shine looking at us.”

    He said he was blown away by what he saw: “The eyes looking at us shined like stars. They were brilliant pure white and had what I describe as little flares coming from their shine.”

    He said the eyes looked around before settling on them, gazing at the hunters for “15-20 minutes.

    “I have seen the eye shine of every other forest creature and can tell you that they were like something I had never seen before.”

    He said a pair of night-vision goggles didn’t pick up the eyes.

    “I could just make out an outline of their size,” he said, “and they were big.”

    When they broke their gaze, he managed to get his torch train on them.

    “My flashlight illuminated their bodies as they turned to the side. I could see their bodies from [the] head down to just below their knees.

    “I saw their hair and the muscle tone as they took off at an incredibl[y] impressive speed."

    Erich explained that his friend pulled out his pistol in an effort to scare whatever was looking at them. But the sound of the gunshot did nothing, the eyes just kept on blinking at him.

    The experience changed him, with a strange supernatural feeling descending over him, taking him back to his childhood.

    “I began to feel this pure curiosity feeling like I have never experienced before in my life. It was so pure I felt like I was a little kid again.”

    He says that since that day the experiences have stayed with him.

    “This was the start of the experiences I had last summer and I'm still having experiences to this day and now recently is when I'm feeling comfortable to share my experiences,” he said.

    “It changes you,” he added.

    He’s worked as part of Bigfoot research teams since: “During the first encounter, it was like a veil was lifted and it completely changed my life.”

    Since then he’s had countless experiences and works tirelessly to try and make progress with research into the creatures and has gathered over 8,000 pieces of photographic and video evidence.

    “I believe that I'm sensitive to the paranormal and that is part of why I have all this happening to me.”

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