Musk tipped to open UK gigafactory as Tesla boss unveils huge new ‘master plan’

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Mr Musk, the Tesla CEO, will attend an opening ceremony of the €5billion (£4.17billion) Gruenheide plant alongside German Chancellor Olaf Scholz today. Tesla is set to hand its first Model Y cars manufactured at the new plant to clients today as part of the opening. The company plans to hire 12,000 workers, making the factory and battery plant next door the biggest employer in the German state of Brandenburg.

It is also set to produce 500,000 cars each year and generate 50-gigawatt hours (GWh) of battery power, bettering all other plants in Germany.

While this is a large-scale project, Mr Musk has also suggested he is ready to scale Tesla out to “extreme size” after he said he was “working on a master plan part 3”.

Mr Musk tweeted: “Main Tesla subjects will be scaling to extreme size, which is needed to shift humanity away from fossil fuels, and AI.

“But I will also include sections about SpaceX, Tesla and The Boring Company.”

Several experts have already tipped that the Tesla boss will set up another gigafactory in Europe, this time in Britain.

It comes amid a global supply crunch, where lithium, a key component used in the manufacturing of electric vehicles (EVs), has become scarce.

But after bumper lithium stocks were reportedly discovered in abundance in southwest England, this might have pricked the ears of the Tesla boss.

The CEO of Cornish Lithium, Jeremy Wrathall believes that, with a massive incentive like lithium being produced in the UK, major EV manufacturers like Tesla could make their way over.

He told “I think that anything’s possible. If we’ve got the battery raw material, which are sustainable and environmentally friendly, why wouldn’t other car manufacturers come to the UK?

“Whether it Tesla, or Korean car companies, or anyone, why wouldn’t they come to the UK if they can guarantee that the minerals are in the UK and they are sustainable?

“I think that the Government recognises that if you build the battery materials infrastructure and raw materials supply chain, the battery manufactures and automakers will come to the UK.”

Mr Musk previously snubbed Britain by striking a deal with Germany to build Europe’s first Tesla gigafactory.

He blamed uncertainties over Brexit as the reason for picking Berlin over Britain, saying that Brexit made it “too risky” to set up its European gigafactory in the UK.

James Morris, a technology expert and editor of WhichEV, told that Mr Musk is “definitely considering” setting up a new Tesla plant in the UK as the “British market is quite strong”.

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Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng believes the UK is in the mix too.

In what would be a major coup for Britain, Mr Kwarteng previously told “Elon Musk is interested [in the UK] and the reason why is it is a fantastic place to invest in that technology.

“He wants to invest in gigafactories to be a part of that green revolution. I would welcome him to return to the UK.

“I think, frankly, since we formally left the EU, we have seen that this country is more than capable than standing on its own two feet and being a world-leader. It’s a fantastic  opportunity and it’s very exciting.”

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