Mum blasted for ‘spoiling’ 4-year-old with three trolleys of Christmas presents

A generous mum has been slammed after she posted an image on social media of three trolleys full of Christmas gifts for her four-year-old daughter.

Australian Casey Burnett went to her local toy store known as Big W.

While there, she splashed out on loads of new presents for her daughter for Christmas.

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Three shopping trolleys were filled with toys contained items such as 4.5ft rainbow trampoline, a Barbie Kids Patio set and a mega-box of play-doh.

She accompanied the pictures with the caption: “Got little miss 4s lay-by out.

“So excited to put them with the rest of the presents I have already got her.”

A "lay-by" or "lay-buy" is essentially the store's buy-now-pay-later scheme.

But when posting about it on a Facebook group dedicated to the chain store, she received a lot of backlash.

One wrote: “Word of advice if your gonna get this much better to say only one special gift came from Santa and the others are from parents because when they get to school age and other kids ask what they got and they have a very long list.

“The other kids might get upset because their parents couldn't afford that much or Santa only got them something small.”

And another wrote: “Just a reminder to the families (like myself) who are having money problems or things they need to pay instead that Christmas is about coming together with family and enjoying a hot meal.

“I’m sure kids would be fine with a few presents each and it’s ok if you can’t spend big this year.

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“The economy is so s**t at the moment.

“I've had to fork out $600 to see a specialist so I’m having to get toys donated to my son but young kids don’t really remember all the fancy stuff they get, I don’t really remember much of my childhood – only remember to when I was about 10.”

Comments were quickly turned off on the post and the woman only replied to one comment asking what she does with all the toy's her daughter already has.

Explaining that she gives most of them away, she replied: “I also make her pick some toys out of the store before Christmas and give them to others who have nothing.”

The post had nearly 1,000 reactions and 105 comments.

Most people gave it a thumbs up, with 245 giving it a heart emoji on Facebook.

Around 250 gave it a shocked face, while 14 users posted the angry face emoji.

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