Monster with ‘shark teeth’ tied pregnant woman to bed and pimped her out

A man with shark-like teeth branded "a monster" by cops has been arrested for locking a pregnant woman in a room and using her as a sex slave for weeks on end.

Michael Anthony Barajas, 36, allegedly held the 20-year-old captive in a decrepit house and is accused of threatening to rip out her throat with his filed-down shark-like gnashers.

Barajas – whose teeth are filed to points – also allegedly trafficked her out to associates after tying her to a bed.

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The suspect was arrested after the pregnant victim received emergency treatment at the Hurley Medical Center in Flint, Michigan, US, on December 8.

According to Chris Swanson of the Genesee County Sheriff's Office, the young woman – who cannot be named – alleged she was held in the propertyfor three weeks after she was approached by the suspect in a car.

The victim had been evicted from a residence days earlier and Barajas allegedly took advantage of her need for shelter and a shower.

He is said to have offered her food and a roof over her head and the vulnerable young woman accepted.

She allegedly got into his car and arrived at the home.

According to the sheriff, as soon as they entered the property, Barajas allegedly locked her in a room and tied her to a bed.

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Swanson added: “This guy used the opportunity to not only sexually assault [her] but have people come over and traffic her as she was tied forcibly to the bed while they assaulted her.”

The police said the pregnant woman tried to escape twice, but was dragged back both times.

Swanson said the suspect “threatened that if she didn't do everything that he told her to do, that he would bite her neck and rip out her throat” with his shark-like teeth.

The sheriff told local media: “This guy – he's a monster.”

Barajas was arraigned at the 67th District Court in Flint on seven charges including kidnapping, human trafficking, assault with a dangerous weapon, and first-degree criminal sexual conduct.

His bond was set at $35,000 for each charge and he was being kept in a detention centre as of 14 December.

The investigation continues.

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