Man finds time capsule from 1894 in barn but is baffled by its unusual contents

A man who found a 128-year-old time capsule while taking down his parent's rotting barn said he is baffled by the unusual items he found in the rubble.

The unnamed bloke from Henry Country, in Illinois, USA was lending a helping hand on his parent's farm, tearing down the dangerous old structure when he found a mason jar with the items inside.

He stopped what he was doing and opened it up to find a newspaper dated August 10, 1894, an issue of Ayer's American Almanac, a notebook or storybook which has been severely damaged over time, and a single black shoe.

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Inside the issue of Ayer's American Almanac, he found a list of all the standards of American medicines used in the 1890s.

Sharing his discovery on Reddit, his nephew wrote: "My uncle uncovered a time capsule from 1984 under the rubble of my grandparent's barn.

"We had to take down and old cattle barn that my grandparents had – they were farmers.

"As we were recycling the barn wood and cobblestone foundation, he uncovered the Mason jar that was under one of the stones."

Commenting on the find, one user said: "I love this kind of stuff. Whoever buried this would never have believed that not only would it be rediscovered over 120 years later, but that almost anyone in the world could get a glimpse."

Another user added: "Kudos to them for encasing it in concrete, amateur time capsules almost never stay dry this long."

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A third user joked: "Cool! But would it have killed them to leave a couple of gold coins in there?"

Last summer, Toby Brett, the current owner of Holcombe Farmshop and Kitchen, in Radstock, Somerset, found a time capsule filled with coins, stamps, a 1971 price list, a collection of ha'ppenies, old beer mats, car tax discs and a £1-an-hour wage slip.

A note, dated July 13 1973, was also tucked away inside the bundle.

It reads: "To the present owner from a past owner, good luck", and is signed by an E. Pockson – who included some of his own ID cards in the collection.

Mr Pockson also revealed he was a pub landlord in the past who carried out “major alterations” on the building five decades ago.

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