Massive 14ft fireball captured streaking through night sky with flash of light

Residents were baffled when a fireball was captured streaking through the sky before emitting a mysterious flash of light.

The blazing asteroid was seen shooting past the night sky by hundreds of people living across Florida, US, at around 10pm on Monday (April 12).

Home security camera footage shared onto Twitter shows the bright object hurtling towards Earth as it gradually fires up and lights up the sky with a flash of bright light.

Seconds later, the light disappears in the dark sky.

The homeowner wrote: "Just saw this in the sky from Parkland at 10:16PM #meteor."

Other similar videos can be found on social media where residents shared their sightings from their dash cameras and mobile phones.

Journalist Jay O'Brien, who works for CBS News, captured the spectacular moment while reporting live on television.

In a video he shared on his Twitter account, he is seen walking on the street and covering a story on an affordable housing complex full of seniors who claimed they lost power yesterday and will likely go to bed without it tonight.

Startled by the fireball, he pauses and says: "Oh my God, what is that in the sky? Woah, okay!

"Big piece of flash in the sky just there. Possibly a big piece of space junk burning up in orbit."

He captioned: "Big flash and streak across sky in West Palm Beach. Happened moments ago while we were on Facebook Live for a CBS12 story.

"It's a chunk of an asteroid."

American Meteor Society has since received more than 160 reports of a "bright exploding fireball" in the regions of Florida and the Bahamas.

Meteorologist Zach Covey said the fireball was likely a chunk of an asteroid known as 2021 GW4.

He said the asteroid, measured roughly 14ft long at about the size of a car, was scheduled to make an extremely close approach of only 16,000 miles.

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