Your decking is probably laid all wrong – and it’ll be harder to clean AND rotting quicker

AS soon as the sun comes out, you can find us soaking up the rays on our gardens – but in all our excitement over the warmer weather, we've never once thought to study the grooves on our decking.

And according to one expert, they've probably been laid all WRONG.

Posting on her Instagram account My London Home, interiors expert Stephanie Savvides-Howell claimed that most decking is "upside down" and the ridged side shouldn't be visible.

Sharing a video of her new pergola, she wrote: "YOUR DECKING IS UPSIDE DOWN! Yep, ridged side up? That's upside down.

"The ridges are to encourage circulation and stop the rot. They do not add extra grip.

"They are not meant to be seen. OK I'm done now. You're welcome!"

What's more, having the ridges exposed makes your decking harder to clean as grime gets trapped in between the grooves.

However, the DIY specialists at GripClad say this is a common mistake people make and highlighted how moisture can get trapped in the grooves too which causes it to rot quicker.

Their blog reads: "Contrary to popular belief, the ridges are not there to keep you from slipping and sliding around your deck.

"Nor are they intended to make your deck look nice. They are actually there as a structural feature to improve its longevity."

Needless to say, Stephanie's 43,000 followers were shocked by the realisation.

"I’m finished," one replied. "Mind blown."

Another added: "I’ve just having decking laid… I’m almost too scared to go out to the garden to check."

A third said: "It's amazing how many decking you see with the ridges facing upwards!"

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