Man ‘leaped into air hissing like a cat’ after touching exorcist’s holy water

A renowned exorcist has recalled seeing a "possessed" man soaring into the air in front of him in a terrifying encounter.

Father Carlos Martins is regarded as one of the Catholic Church’s leading exorcists.

Despite having himself been an atheist as a younger man, he has spent the past 20 years in demon-hunting.

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Speaking to Christian podcaster Cameron Bertuzzi, Fr. Martins recalled the time he secretly flicked one drop of Holy Water onto a firefighter from behind, who he thought might be possessed.

He explained the liquid was flicked not onto his skin but on his jacket, saying: “There is no way he can perceive what has just happened.

“This particular individual immediately shot up backwards in the air, hissing like a cat.

“And I didn't have that individual any longer now – it’s the demon speaking ,so what I did in that moment is, I established “knowledge of the occult, knowledge of the hidden.”

Fr. Martins claims demons are very real and because they naturally live outside space and time they have access to knowledge that the people they have possessed could never have.

It’s hints of that knowledge that supposedly helps him determine who is really possessed and who is simply mentally ill or just faking.

According to him, there are "three classical signs of demonic possession".

The first is knowledge of unknown languages – one exorcist’s trick is to speak to someone in a language they have never been taught to see if the demon within them responds.

He explained: “I don't mean one or two words or a few phrases. I mean perfect knowledge of that language – that they can function and speak in it, using perfect grammar, perfect sentences and they can respond to questions in other words [and] formulate a thought based on that knowledge.

The second is when victims display "knowledge of hidden and distant events" – like the holy water episode.

He added: “If they're able to report back to you something you did at a certain time and place in your life, and no one was around to witness it, you've never told anyone else but they have that knowledge… well, they have knowledge of of of the occult. Knowledge of what is hidden."

The third sign is “a display of superhuman strength, a power that is simply beyond the capability of a human person.

“A 120–pound woman cannot pick up and throw across the room a 300 pound man. That just doesn't happen.

“But if it does happen, now you have a display of the supernatural that has that has been shown and nothing in the natural [world] provides an explanation for that you've got to leave the natural and enter into the supernatural.


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