Man claims to have slept 30 minutes a night for last 12 years to stay ‘healthy’

A man claims to have spent the last 12 years getting just 30 minutes of sleep a day – and says he hardly gets tired at all.

Daisuke Hori, from Japan, lowered his daily sleep schedule from a rough eight hours to a tiny 30 minutes, insisting that he feels no negative side-effects.

Hori, 36, is the chairman for the "Japan Short-sleeper Association" and teaches his techniques to hundreds of others in the hope that more people will adopt his 'productive' lifestyle.

The short-sleep expert even appeared on Japanese television to discuss his unbelievable sleeping schedule.

Hori said that he always felt that 16 hours was not sufficient to achieve everything he wanted to do in a day, so slowly started experimenting with ways to lower his sleep routine.

In just a few years he was able to lower his sleep to a measly half an hour – claiming he is still "healthy and energetic".

To prove his unbelievable feat, he allowed a TV crew into his house for three days to document his unique lifestyle, Oddity Central reports.

Shockingly, he really did get by with just 30 minutes of shut-eye, and some nights even less.

On the first day of filming, Hori woke at 8am and filled his day with gym, reading, writing and socialising.

He didn't sleep until 2am, where he got 26 minutes of sleep before waking up quickly without an alarm.

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When he awoke he went straight out for a late night surf with other short-sleeper friends.

Some viewers were suspicious at how the 36-year-old handled not getting sleepy after eating due to the drowsiness caused by insulin spikes.

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But Hori told viewers that he did in fact get sleepy, but stayed awake through the insulin drops with caffeinated drinks until it turned normal again.

Despite the television show, many people remain sceptical of Hori's claims and find it hard to believe that he could be sleeping just 30 minutes a day for the last 12 years.

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The NHS suggests that you should get around six and nine hours sleep every night – and make sure that you keep to a regular routine.

In not getting enough sleep, they say your emotional balance, weight, memory and energy will all be negatively affected.

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