Man claims meteor crashing like ‘flaming basketball’ may have destroyed home

This is the moment a possible meteor crashed down to Earth and burned a man's property to the ground.

Dustin Procita, who lives in northern California, lost his home and one of his two dogs when something hit and started a fire on Friday night (November 4).

The astonishing sighting was also caught on camera by people living in the surrounded area and one resident from Redding shared her doorbell camera footage online.

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In the video, a glowing fireball is seen descending from the sky and a flash lights up the entire neighbourhood.

Dustin told KCRA: "I heard a big bang. I started to smell smoke. I went onto my porch and it was completely engulfed in flames.

"I've always watched meteor showers and stuff as a kid but I definitely didn't look forward to them landing in my yard or through my roof.

"I did not see what it was, but from everybody I talked to – was a flaming ball falling from the sky, landed in that general area."

One of his dogs, Tug, became trapped inisde the home and sadly died in the fire.

The homeowner also said he and his wife Jeanette lost everything in the fire and they were left with no home.

Fire captain Clayton Thomas from the Penn Valley Fire Department and California Fire said he's never been to a fire that was caused by a meteor.

Another captain Josh Miller said: "Meteorite, asteroid – one of those two.

"I had one individual tell me about it first and like, okay, I'll put that in the back of my mind. But then more people – two, three, or four more started coming in and talking about it."

The officials said they can't rule out the possibility of a meteor landing on homes as their investigation is still ongoing.

When Dustin watched the footage online, he said: "Looks like a flaming basketball coming out of the sky.

"Definitely feel very lucky that it was 30 feet away from me and not five. They say it's a one in 4 trillion chance, so I guess I might be buying a lottery ticket today."


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