Man claims drinking 200ml of month-old wee every day cured his depression

A bloke claims he cured his depression by drinking his own month-old urine.

Barmy Harry Matadeen, 32, knocks back 200ml of “aged” wee a day — and even moisturises his face with it.

He claims the bizarre practice keeps his skin clear and cures his bad moods.

Harry started downing cups of pee after a bout of depression four years ago.

He said: "I was convinced it was worth an experiment. I drank my fresh morning urine and when I did dark clouds of depression were lifted from me, like a veil lifting and a parting of the Red Seas.

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"I soon learned from Facebook urine groups that there was something even more powerful than fresh urine. They called it 'aged urine'.

"Urine is considered aged at only four days old and each day after you let it sit and ferment naturally its power to heal you grows and grows.

"After trying my aged urine, I felt an instant uplift in energy.

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"I became obsessed with it and that’s an understatement. I never minded the taste of my own fresh urine.

He struggled with the taste at first, but now claims he has learned to love it.

He added: ”Aged urine admittedly wasn’t the most pleasant taste at first but I didn’t really care and grew to love it."

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“The urine I drink is usually a few weeks to a month old, and I top it up daily with some fresh urine.

"On a daily basis I try and drink small sips, usually around 50 to 100ml and I also massage my own aged urine on my face a little every morning as it’s a top-end moisturiser.

"I try my best to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle and aged urine is the ultimate supplement drink."

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