Mad Russian uni initiation with ‘naked bum slapping’ and ‘improvised’ pelting

New Russian students going to a top university in Moscow for the first time have been subjected to a bizarre initiation ritual involving bum slapping and being pelted with “improvised things”.

Images from the strange event involving students from Moscow's State University of Management have been shared Telegram by Russia's Baza News.

They showed one poor bloke lying on a table, underwear pulled up as far as humanly possible, while a woman slaps him.

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Another image shows naked blokes stumbling around a room, while a third image shows someone doing something unspeakable to a naked lad kneeling on a table.

According to Baza sources, the event was a “secret party”, not connected to the University.

A source told them that rituals involved “naked students kissing each other, ramming their heads into the doors and pelting the 'freshman' with improvised things”.

The three-day party only took place because all those involved signed a form to say that they held “personal responsibility” for whatever happened and knew that “all possible consequences” were there own.

It was also claimed that the mad event took place in November last year, although other Russian outlets claim it happened at some point in the last few weeks.

Videos and photos were apparently not supposed to be posted online, but it is thought that they were leaked in retaliation to a falling out.

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The source said: “Students are now seriously afraid of expulsion.

“According to them, the university leadership has forbidden even talking about this party within the university walls and is preparing orders for the expulsion of students.”

It is not clear exactly how many were involved, but images from the event show at least 20 people getting involved in the chaos.

The University has not released an official comment on the situation yet.

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