Life after death: Man recounts religious afterlife experience – ‘I saw Jesus’

Despite a conspicuous absence of evidence about the existence of an afterlife, many people remain proponents of life after death. One of the most extraordinary accounts of the afterlife arrived recently from a man – known only as Alfred A to protect his anonymity.

Alfred’s brush with death occurred after overdosing on narcotics.

I immediately knew him. It was Jesus!

Alfred A

The German man shared his apparently “spiritual” experience after consuming his wife’s pain medication on the Near Death Experience Research Foundation site.

He said: “I was dozing off for some time. When suddenly, I was startled because I was literally ejected out of my body.

“I was wide awake and floating above my body.

“It looked so unfamiliar from a bird’s eye view.

“I left the room and the house. The journey stopped in endless space.

“Gradually, I became aware of the presence of spiritual beings, but didn’t pay them any attention.”

At this point, the man thinks he went on a remarkable journey ending with an epiphany.

He said: “I was rushing through worlds at amazing speed.

“The only thing I perceived was the alternating of the different colours and light intensities.

“Finally, I reached the destination. Even though it was pitch-dark I could see distinctly that I was standing on the shore of a lake.

“I didn’t have the time to think about my condition because I could see a boat far away.

“Standing upright in the boat, there was a man holding a lantern and he was looking towards us.

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“I immediately knew him. It was Jesus!”

Fortunately for Alfred, he soon returned back to consciousness.

He said: “How I came back to my body, I don’t know.

“I had been in a coma for three days at home, and later on at the intensive care station.

“What I remember next, is looking for my room in the psychiatric ward.”

However, medical experts are totally unconvinced near-death experiences like this are evidence of the afterlife.

One of the most popular theories instead suggests NDEs are hallucinations triggered by dying brain cells during a moment of trauma.

And another theory proposes NDEs are actually hallucinations caused by a lack of oxygen flowing to the brain.

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