Lad has giant ‘E.T’ thumb that he can extend to 5.5 inches long which ‘regrows’

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A man was dubbed a werewolf when he showed how he can extend to his thumb up to a whopping 5.5 inches long.

Jacob Pina, from Westport in Massachusetts, US, has gone viral since he posted videos of his "magical" thumb, which he often jokes it can "break and regrow on command".

In one of the videos, he places his thumb under tap water and starts to stretch it out, letting it extend the bone to a few inches longer.

The oddly-looking thumb is longer than a mini sized water bottle and as long as a television remote controller.

Many viewers were shocked by the instant transformation and wondered if it was a filter trick.

Jacob replied to them, with a bit of humour: "It is a very good question, the simple answer here is genetics.

"Not to mention I'm part of E.T's bloodline, just look at the resemblance, it's all genetics, baby.

"It can break and regrow on command."

The TikToker said there are a few advantages for having a five-inch thumb.

"I've never lost a thumb war, I'm never without a ride and it's a great conversation starter," he explained, adding that he realised his thumb was very long when he was just five years old.

"Every doctor that has checked on my thumb has said this to me – 'Jacob, you're just an alpha-male, alright? This is just a side effect of you being an alpha-male."

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Fans found it bizarre to see Jacob's finger changing in size and refused to believe that it's true.

One joked: "Reminds me of a horror movie monster."

"You can go join X-Men and use it as your superpower now," a second said and a third asked: "How did you do that? That looks painful."

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