‘Inspirational’ AI sex doll influencer gives brand deal money to strippers

A sex doll influencer who donates money to support strippers and exotic dancers has been praised as "inspirational".

Tasha Marie's owner and boyfriend, Tony Foxx has revealed what his dream silicone woman is really like behind her Instagram posts which have gained her 3,000 followers.

The 4ft 10ins figure designed for intimate bedroom action, has been brought to life by Tony who dresses her in various racy outfits and uses AI to give her a voice.

He says his '36-year-old' plastic partner is admired for living life to the full like a real woman and is making money doing it.

Tony told the New York Post: “So many people will send Tasha [Instagram direct messages] and say, ‘Oh my god, Tasha, you’re so inspirational,’ or ‘You’re the nicest person I know.’”

“She doesn’t let the fact that she’s not a ‘real’ woman stop her from living life to the fullest.

“She acts and lives like a real woman, and has become friendly with [her followers], who are mostly other real women.”

Tasha Marie cost the married father-of-two £4,000 in December 2015 when his wife, Marie, was battling cancer but Tony says she remains “totally supportive” of his relationship with the doll.

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Marie will even give him fun ideas on creating content for Tasha's social media.

Tony's lover has even become an influencer, modelling accessories for the brand Tyes by Tara after being crowned Miss Congeniality by fellow doll owners owners and enthusiasts at a meet-up event.

Several other brands have come to Tasha Marie since with lucrative ambassador offers earning Tony a pretty penny for all his effort managing her Instagram account.

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It's not something he chooses to profit from though and instead admirably donates earnings to sex workers she has met online.

Tony said: “She gets a commission or a discount. In one of her deals, she gets a 10% commission, 10% off and one free item to promote each month.”

“Whatever money she makes, we pass along to [strippers and exotic dancers in financial straits].”

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