‘I left peanut butter gift outside for Bigfoot – two huge fingers took a scoop’

A man who heard some "strange noises" he thought might be Bigfoot left peanut butter out for the beast – and says something with "big fingers" took a scoop.

Patrick Perry from Shell Knob in rural Missouri, US, shared images of what was left of the peanut butter on the Bigfoot Believers Facebook page.

"So I tried the gifting thing in our woods because I always hear strange noises and what sounds like wood knocks," he said.

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"Wood knocks" refer to the sound of wood being smacked against a tree. Some Bigfoot enthusiasts claim it is how Sasquatches communicate.

Patrick's post continued: "I left a jar of peanut butter out with the lid on and when I came back this is what I found. Lid taken off laid next to the jar.

"Obviously squirrels got into it after the lid was off but it also looks like two big fingers in the middle."

The images he shared show a massive vat of peanut butter with two holes pressed in. Patrick admitted it was "nothing definite" but insisted he wouldn't create a hoax. "I don't play like that," he said.

Several people commenting below the photos thought Patrick might be on to something and encouraged him to repeat what he had done, this time setting up a "trail cam" to catch whatever was taking the peanut butter.

However, others suggested some less elusive woodland animals might be responsible.

One comment read: "Raccoons can easily take a lid off." To which Patrick replied: "Racoons don't have fingers the size of almost [a] quarter."

Another said: "Raccoons are clever little thieves. I think the big guy would most likely take the jar so he could eat in privacy."

A third commenter suggested the marks in the peanut butter might actually be "nose prints" rather than fingers.

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