Angelina Jolie stepped out in multiple all-black outfits in NYC: goth girl forever?

Angelina Jolie has been in New York all week with Vivienne and Pax. Yesterday, she was photographed going in and out of the Mercer Hotel, and a few days ago, she was seen going out to a business lunch with Pax. All of Angelina’s “New York fashion” looks are pretty great. I mean, she’s a goth girl and she loves wearing black, but even wearing black in New York, stands out. Pax was also carrying some camera equipment. No one knows what that was about.

As we keep discussing, Jolie has a lot of business in New York these days. Atelier Jolie, the fashion collective she founded this year, is now housed in Jean-Michel Basquiat’s old studio in NYC. She’s also producing a Broadway production of The Outsiders, and little Vivienne will be Jolie’s “voluntary assistant.” I noticed that anti-Jolie people were screaming, crying and throwing up about how that makes Vivienne a nepo-baby. Like… you think Angelina hiring her 15-year-old daughter as an intern is a nepo-baby move? If this was about nepotism, surely Jolie would have demanded that Vivienne have a ROLE on stage in her Broadway production? Internships are literally the bare-minimum of nepotism. I would go so far as to say that more celebrity parents should use this path – get their kids an internship and show them how the system works behind-the-scenes.

Meanwhile, Angelina’s third ex-husband continues to FAFO. Nouvel – the company which holds 50% of Chateau Miraval, which Angelina sold to Yuri Shefler – has now countersued Brad Pitt and the Perrin family. Weirdly, none of the American sites have picked up on the countersuit, but the countersuit is full of all kinds of amazing details. Basically, Jolie’s sale of Nouvel to Stoli/Tenute del Mondo has led to Shefler uncovering all kinds of underhanded, boneheaded and flatly criminal dealings within Miraval. You can follow the tweet-thread below. At some point, the American media needs to get off Pitt’s d–k and actually report on what’s really happening with all of these Miraval lawsuits.

— D.K. 🐳 (@AJExquisitely) August 17, 2023

Photos courtesy of Backgrid.

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