‘I flew home from World Cup early as beast Staffies mauled my pets to death’

A devastated mum had to rush home from the World Cup after she received a frantic call from a pet-sitter saying her two beloved dogs had been savagely mauled to death by American Staffies.

Owner Mrs Mobin raced back to her Melbourne home from Qatar after adorable Pomeranians Coco and Candy were reportedly killed by the vicious dogs who had chewed a hole through the wooden fence to get to their victims.

She says their owner laughed in her face when she confronted him over the horror attack, which has left her 19-year-old daughter forced to take sleeping pills to ward off panic attacks triggered by the deaths.

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Mrs Mobin, who asked for her first name to be kept private, told Australian outlet 9News the panicked pet-sitter rang her in floods of tears to inform her of the tragedy.

"She was crying and saying 'we have a situation'. I flew back on a 13-hour flight and the whole family was crying,” she explained.

“We were shocked and traumatised.”

Cops who went to the property on Saturday (November 26) found Candy’s lifeless body in the neighbour’s garden while Coco was declared dead after being rushed to the vets.

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The devastating incident has shocked the whole family who have reportedly been crying every day since the bloody attacks.

She added in an interview with Daily Mail Australia that her distraught daughter was used to cuddling the dogs in her bed at night.

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“She's not eating, she's not going to university, not doing anything, she is just having panic attacks," she said.

“I took her to hospital and she is taking a lot of sleeping tablets to calm her down, she is just crying and crying every day.”

A spokesperson from Whittlesea Council said the incident was under investigation., while it has not been confirmed if the killer dogs have been seized.

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