Huge ‘alien pyramid’ spotted on Mars ‘was built with AI tech’ says UFO believer

A UFO conspiracy theorist believes he's found a 5km long ancient pyramid on Mars that he says was built by aliens with AI robots.

Scott C. Waring claims he was exploring the surface of the Red Planet when he spotted the huge structure approximately '166km above Dorsa Brevia on Mars.'

However in the same blog post, he mentions sighting the figure on Google Earth's 'Mars on Earth' feature which is actually images above Devon Island.

The images show a huge golden pyramid which he claims are only so big because 'aliens have AI robots.'

The self-professed expert wrote on UFO Sightings Daily: "I found a four-sided pyramid on Mars using Google Earth map. Each corner edge to top measures 5km long, so that's about 3km tall at least.

"Go big or go home huh? Aliens often go big. Why? They don't do the work, they have AI robots create the structures they want and the time it takes to finish it means little to the aliens since most species will live forever.

"We measure days, months, years of time being huge amounts of time…because we measure it to our own lifetime… the amount of time we expect ourselves to live.

"That's about 75-85 years on average. But if you were an alien, you might have all the time in the universe."

Extraterrestrial conspiracy theorists have had an ongoing theory for years that the Ancient Egyptian's pyramids were also built by alien visitors.

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The news comes after the 'alien expert' claimed he found evidence of alien visitors to ancient Egypt that has been oddly hidden on remote islands.

The conspiracy theorist Scott C. Waring claims he spotted the iconic head of a cat face on an Egyptian pharaoh headpiece on the South Sandwich Islands using Google Maps.

In the three screenshots, he analysed for UFO Sightings Daily, he highlighted what he believes is a face, buildings and the trail to a supposed crash site that he has deemed proof of ancient visitors.

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