Horrified mum bought Christmas decoration ‘without realising how rude it looked’

A mum has been left horrified after she purchased a rude-looking Christmas decoration during a trip to B&M

Nic was innocently on the hunt for some festival ornaments for her family home, but got more than she bargained for after picking up a family-themed festive sign.

Once on display on her TV cabinet, she soon realised it’s design spelled out a not-so family friendly phrase: ‘F*** my life’, the Mirror reports.

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The sign is supposed to be a wooden carving of the word ‘Family’. But some of the letters have been decorated with festive details such as reindeer antlers, a Christmas hat, and a Christmas tree which distorted the appearance of the sign.

The decor has made the ‘A’, ‘I’ and ‘Y’ of family invisible, creating an optical illusion of FML – an acronym for ‘F*** my life’.

The ‘A’ has no letter form at all – simply being replaced by a Christmas tree shape. Meanwhile, the ‘I’ fades into the background on account of its dark blue wrapping.

At the end of the sign the ‘Y’ has been disguised in reindeer form, leading to ‘FML’ being the only visible letters.

After realising her blunder, Nic took to TikTok to have a laugh with her followers, sharing a video of the B&M sign and a description of what had happened.

Posting under the username @nic.ep79, she wrote: “Buying what I thought was a nice FAMILY Christmas ornament. Then realising it looks like it says ‘F**k my life,” accompanied by a face-palm emoji.

In response followers shared their amazement in the comments.

Some joined Nic in her surprise as they’d bought exactly the same ornament without realising what was sitting in their home.

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“OMG, I bought that and I can’t unsee it now,” said one TikTok user.

Others were more concerned, with one user commenting: “Help me mom has that.”

However, some were prompted to add the funny sign to their shopping list on account of its hidden profanity.

One Tik Tok user said: “For the way this year went, I would get an FML ornament.”

Before Nic made the discovery, the naughty Christmas sign had previously done the rounds on social media. It went viral as customers laughed at B&M’s hilarious festival sign.

However, despite its growing and unintentional publicity some are still yet to see the hidden ‘FML’, causing a debate whether the sign is actually intended to be rude or not.

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