Hiker convinced they’ve found Bigfoot proof with large footprint buried in mud

A hiker reckons they might have found a footprint that proves the existence of Bigfoot, with internet users agreeing that it 'clearly isn't a bear'.

Taking to Reddit page r/Bigfoot, they uploaded a snap of the footprint and said: "Footprint found at the top of a hike in Big Sur, CA [California, US]. What do you guys think?"

The image shows a clear and deep foot imprint in some mud, and the hiker handily put their own foot next to it to offer some perspective of size.

Several people in the forum, which claims to be the "home of all things Bigfoot", thought that the print may have been left by a genuine Sasquatch.

One wrote: "This is the first imprint I have seen that isn't clearly a bear. Good find!

"I wish the print was more fresh but this really does look more like a Bigfoot track.

"I don't notice the double step of a bear. It could have been human but I don't notice tread marks or shoe marks."

Another said: "Definitely Sasquatch. The upper foot impression is relative to the lower width and diameter of the depth. I'd reach out to the local BFRSO [Bigfoot Field Researchers Organisation] in your area asap."

"What a solid print," added a third.

However, other Bigfoot enthusiasts weren't as convinced by the original poster's find, arguing that it was probably just a human boot print.

"It’s a booted boot print. Next to a weirdly socked foot," one person joked.

Another wrote: "Looks just like a washed-out boot print."

A third said: "It doesn't look crazy large compared to your foot, at least length-wise, which makes me lean towards human."

But they then backtracked and added: "It is oddly wide though, and there's no tread I can see. The ground doesn't look too conducive for capturing fine details, but you'd still expect some evidence of tread somewhere in the track."

Earlier this week another hiker claimed to have found a possible Bigfoot footprint.

Alongside a snap of the print, they explained they were hiking in North Carolina and hadn't seen a human or bear all day before they stumbled across it.

However, their theory was quickly rubbished as someone replied on Reddit: "Looks like somebody that drags the heels of their boots and stepped in the same track on the way back down. Sorry about that but I still believe they're out there."

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